Buffalo OpenVZ Down

Hello, 4:44 GMT +2We are currently under an outage on our Buffalo OpenVZ location. We had an emergency maintenance which didn't go exactly as planned, so we are now working on restoring connectivity as soon as possible. More updates will be added here, as soon as we have them. Xen and KVM services together with OpenVZ Sweden are NOT ... Read More »

31st Jul 2020
VestaCP Vulnerability

Dear users, We have recently been made aware of a VestaCP serious vulnerability. It is being used to gain root access to servers running this software. Then they are being used to perform a DoS attack to remote servers by sending large amounts of traffic. VestaCP has already acknowledged the issue: ... Read More »

9th Apr 2018
Some Template OS Issues

--Ubuntu 16.04 OpenVZ--We had some reports of users loosing network connectivity when running Ubuntu 16.04 on their OpenVZ VPS. We are working on resolving the issue.Sometimes network access would be lost after restart or reinstall of this OS.We are investigating and a possible fix will be applied soon. Note: This may sometimes affect some other ... Read More »

5th Apr 2017
Regarding SPAM

Dear users, As we have been victim of a lot of spam sent from our VPS services, we have decided to implement very strict measures on it. From 31/03/2017(End of March), we will introduce full block of all email functions on VPS services. We understand that some users may use our services for legitimate email, so we have a solution for it. If you ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2017
Sweden OpenVZ issues

Hello,We are experincing issues with Sweden OpenVZ. We are investigating and working to resolve them.UPDATE 1: Node is unreachable by normal means. Some IPs are pinging, some are not. I have contacted datacenter to get IPMI details in order to investigate. Waiting on them now. Nothing else that I can do at this point.UPDATE 2: Issue should be ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2017
Buffalo OpenVZ Down

Dear users,We are experiencing an outage at Buffalo OpenVZ Servers. I have contacted ColoCrossing and waiting to hear back from them. Everyone will be compensated with the days, the outage lasted.UPDATE 1: I discovered that everything in Buffalo is down. Ticket with ColoCrossing has been updated. Waiting to hear back.UPDATE 2: Outage has been ... Read More »

16th Feb 2017
VikingLayer now offers VPS Resource Pools

Hi dear friends,I'd like to announce that Viking Layer now offers resource pools in all our VPS locations and virtualizations. We have decided to start with OpenVZ in Buffalo.You will be able to create and destroy VPS at will with it, no sticking to preset VMs. Either scale-up or scale-down. ;)Here is a promotional plan to try out the thing: Max ... Read More »

14th Feb 2017
30% off promo code for everybody

Hi guys,You may already know that Viking Layer was accquired by drServer. We are very happy regarding this and are commited to bringing the best experience for future, past and present customers of Viking Layer. To celebrate, we are sending out a 30% off promo code, valid only for the first billing cycle on anything you order(servers, domains ... Read More »

14th Jun 2015
Viking layer will continue to conduct business...

Dear Clients,Viking Layer has been acquired by drServer.net and we will further continue to improve and run the business. As such the closing down notice is now void. The prices servers and locations will all be intact and operations we will however be adding new locations for you to choose from at your sole interest.Thanking ... Read More »

14th Jun 2015